CaptainsGuard, RideGuard, Residential Course of Construction, Kiosk Program, Bed & Breakfast & EarthQuake Deductible Buy-Back Programs



Captains Guard Program: 

Our own Marine program designed to give you an exclusive top-of-the-line marine market for boats from 15 feet and up.


* Discounts for: Power Squadron Membership, Boating Experience, Yacht Club Membership, Propane Deductible



We prefer not to write the following:

Survey Requirements  


Fiberglass, Aluminum or Steel        Over 25 ft. – 15 + Years Hull Age

Wood Plank or Ferro                       Over 25 ft. – 10 + Years Hull Age

Used Vessel recent purchase:        Over 25 ft. – All Hulls + 10 Years Old


RideGuard Program:

Our own branded motorcycle physical damage coverage for cruisers & touring bikes


* Discounts Availible For: Driver Training, Certification, Increased Deductible Options


Residential Course of Construction Program: 

Our residential Course of Construction Program is supported by the Economical insurance Group. We are able to provide up to $1,000,000 capacity in protected areas, $600,000 in semi-protected areas

Program Guidelines:


* We require a fully completed builders risk application, which can be downloaded below along with an RCT evaluator or similar type of evaluation. For risks greater than $500,000 where an evaluator is not applicable, a copy of the construction budget will suffice.


Kiosk Program: 

Short term policies for Kiosks located in malls or hospitals. Please see attached guidelines for qualifications and rating. Please send completed applications to Dan Gaynor @


Bed & Breakfast Program:

We now have our B&B program in place. Please contact Tina Knox at InsureBC Underwriting for more information on this product.

EarthQuake Deductible Buy-Back:

Exciting News!!  Thanks to all of your hard efforts, we are now approved to offer even higher limits of EQ deductible buyback coverage. 

InsureBC can now offer earthquake deductible buyback for limits up to $500,000.

We have different rates when the limits are over the current $200,000 limit, so if you need a quote, please contact Bev Mueller and she can work it out for you. 

As always, please continue to send all EQ Deductible Buyback questions and applications to Bev @

Base Limits and premiums as follows…